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Larry S. Wald
President, Strategic Alliance CPA Consultant
Phone: (954) 536-1269
Fax: (954) 603-2002
Email: Coach@4mergers.com
A: 3605 North East 32nd Ave,
Suite 107A, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308

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United States Headquarters

Address: 3605 North East 32nd Ave,
Suite 107A, Fort Lauderdale,
Florida, 33308


USA Phone: 954.536.1269

Fax: 954.603.2002

USA Email: coach@4mergers.com

Canada Headquarters

Address 2818 Main Street, Suite 237,
Vancouver, BC, V5T 0C1


CA Phone: 604.260.4824

Fax: 954.603.2002

CA Email: coach@4mergers.ca