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Strategic Alliance “CPA” Consultants, Inc. specializes exclusively in assisting CPA firms with achieving their goals, whether in growth through acquisition (buying a CPA firm) or merger for additional resources, or a well-planned and implemented exit strategy (selling CPA Firm).

Our experts with over 20+ years’ experience, have “Analyzed”, “Documented” and “Valued” CPA Firms ranking from $100K to $100Million in revenue and mastered the fundamentals of what makes a CPA Firm successful, well run and Profitable, also known as the “Managed Practice” concept, described by the “AICPA.”

Our services include, but not Limited to, updating your outdated partnership Agreement, adding a junior “Partnership Tract” or lowering your AR or Increasing your Client Fees, all without losing a single client… We have developed a “Proven” Methodology for converting your greatest Asset – your “Client List,” also known as your greatest “Intangible” – into a “Tangible Asset” of “Value,” that Buyer’s will understand and Banks will loan on.

We are hands-on as great “Navigators,” with YOU as the Captain. We assume the responsibility of gathering all the information needed for our firm to create the documentation necessary so that the Seller is assured to get “Paid” for the Practice, the Buyer gets the Clients and Revenue Goes Up! WIN-WIN.

Please call, text, or email any questions… for the “One” correct “Answer,” to our Managing Partner, Larry S. Wald or Schedule A Confidential & Complimentary Strategy Session.  

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CPA Mergers

✓ Less Expensive
✓ Tax Free
✓ Long-Term Exit Strategy
✓ Access to New Talent
✓ Misunderstood by most CPAs…
✓ FREE CPA M&A Strategy Session

CPA Practice Management

✓ Increase Your Practice Productivity
✓ Increase Your Practice Fees
✓ Increase Your Practice Value
✓ Growth Through Asset Leverage
✓ FREE CPA Practice Management Consultation


What Makes Us Different?

✓ we do everything for you

✓ Staffed with CPAs, MBAs, MAs, and CVAs

✓ Oldest and Largest Firm in Florida

✓ Over 20 Years of Proven Track Record

✓ Worked with Thousands of CPA Firms throughout the USA & Canada. 

The CPA Practice “Market Makers”

Who We Are

STRATEGIC ALLIANCE CPA Consultants is a management consulting firm that specializes exclusively in the Mergers and Acquisitions of CPA, Tax, & Accounting Practices.  Our staff members include CPAs, MBAs, MAs, and an CVA. We have represented thousands of firms throughout the United States & Canada, for the past 20+ years.  These transactions are highly specialized and require many areas of expertise in order to maximize value and minimize adverse legal and tax ramifications.

What Makes Us Different

WE DO EVERYTHING FOR YOU.  We are not just match-makers. Anyone can find a buyer or seller candidate, what’s important is executing a successful long-term transaction that stands the test of time.  From finding a firm that meets our clients’ specific criteria (in addition to what we have listed), to valuing, negotiating, financing, preparing the legal documents and transitioning firms, we consistently deliver results. 

We are Market Makers

WE ARE THE OLDEST AND LARGEST FIRM IN FLORIDA that exclusively represents CPA and accounting practice sales. Guided by dozens of proprietary case studies, we craft complex transactions that include sophisticated negotiations of every detail, including buy/sell agreements, operating, employment, consulting and non-compete agreements that are creative, realistic and enduring.  It’s the back-end of the transaction that has earned us our reputation as the “Go-To Professionals”. This approach, coupled with our focus on “a detailed integration and transition plan”, has lead to long-term success for our buyers, our sellers, their employees and their clients (see our Book).

We have developed a Proprietary Database of 90,000 firms with whom we have relationships. Whether their plan is to divest or expand through a merger or acquisition. We have our finger on the pulse of the market. We have facilitated highly complex mergers and buy-ins among some of the largest firms in the nation. We also represent large regional and national firms who are always ready to buy a practice that meets their profile. Among these clients we have a reputation for impeccably documenting the practices we represent from the financials, to the tangible and intangible assets, to the employees and clients. We are committed to full-disclosure as the best policy for long-term success.

Valuations – Dollars and Sense

Valuing a business can be a double-edged sword. While getting the highest possible value is always our first priority, unrealistic expectations waste valuable time and resources. Our valuation analysts value practices based on their true market value, not someone’s ego or in order to get a listing. We have compiled lists of actual comparable market sales of CPA, Tax and Accounting firms. These statistics, along with each firm’s unique attributes, are used to determine and substantiate a firm’s current market value. We are also proactive in delivering the dollars and sense required for financing. Whether it is an all cash deal, seller financing, or a loan from one of the many lenders we represent, our solutions are creative yet realistic. Call for a no strings attached consultation about your goals

Exclusive Publication

margers-acquisitions-bookWe are the only consulting firm that has PUBLISHED A BOOK on the subject, “The Complete Guide to Successful Mergers and Acquisitions of CPA Firms”. This Guide documents every step of the process complete with financial analyses, compatibility and risk, legal contracts, and dozens of useful lists, forms and procedures for the merger or sale of CPA firms. But perhaps more valuable, are the many real life examples included that demonstrate how other firms have handled specific negotiations, financing, consulting agreements, and dozens of other issues that necessitate careful consideration and resolution.

Our CPAs, MBAs, and CVAs speak around the country for CPE credits on how to plan an Exit Strategy NOW in order to obtain the highest value for your practice once you are ready to sell. We also hold merger symposiums which demonstrate how a merger can create many of the opportunities that may not be within reach without partnering with another firm. Whether you are looking to implement a short or long-term exit strategy, buy out a partner, or sell an interest in your firm, or buy a firm – we can help.

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