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Whether you are looking to buy, sell, or merge your CPA practice, the process can be rather intimidating. From due diligence to negotiations to drafting agreements – there are numerous steps to ensure a seamless and successful transaction. Skipping a step can lead to costly mistakes and a lot of wasted time and energy.

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Strategic Alliance CPA Consultants is the market-leader in mergers & acquisitions of CPA practices. Founded in 1997, our focus hasn’t changed. We continue to assist practice owners across North America in divesting or expanding their business through mergers and/or acquisitions, as well as increasing the value and productivity of a practice through Practice Management consulting. Through our vast experience, we have developed a method of documenting each and every essential component to a winning transaction, resulting in unmatched success for both buyers and sellers.


Mergers are too often overlooked and misunderstood; yet, they provide all of the benefits of a sale or an acquisition of a CPA firm with very little cost, and few, if any, tax ramifications.


We have proprietary information on the industry, allowing us to target specific buyer candidates by size, area, niche markets, fees, etc. We represent large regional and national firms who are always ready to buy a practice that meets their profile.


We have facilitated highly complex sales among some of the largest firms in the nation. Among these clients, we have a reputation for impeccably documenting the practices we represent – from financials to tangible and intangible assets.


Get FREE expert advice from the CPA market makers. In 60 minutes, we’ll answer your most pressing questions for buying, selling, merging, or practice management. This advice will be confidential with no strings attached.

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We are the only consulting firm that has published a book on the subject: The Complete Guide to Successful Mergers and Acquisitions of CPA Firms. This Guide documents every step of the process complete with financial analyses, compatibility and risk, legal contracts, and dozens of useful lists, forms and procedures for the merger or sale of CPA firms. But perhaps more valuable, are the many real life examples included that demonstrate how other firms have handled specific negotiations, financing, consulting agreements, and dozens of other issues that need careful consideration and resolution.

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