“The Complete Guide To Successful Mergers & Acquisitions of CPA Firms”

Book Preview

margers-acquisitions-bookWe are the only consulting firm that has PUBLISHED A BOOK on the subject, “The Complete Guide to Successful Mergers and Acquisitions of CPA Firms”. This Guide documents every step of the process complete with financial analyses, compatibility and risk, legal contracts, and dozens of useful lists, forms and procedures for the merger or sale of CPA firms. But perhaps more valuable, are the many real life examples included that demonstrate how other firms have handled specific negotiations, financing, consulting agreements, and dozens of other issues that necessitate careful consideration and resolution.

Our CPAs, MBAs, and CVAs speak around the country for CPE credits on how to plan an Exit Strategy NOW in order to obtain the highest value for your practice once you are ready to sell. We also hold merger symposiums which demonstrate how a merger can create many of the opportunities that may not be within reach without partnering with another firm. Whether you are looking to implement a short or long-term exit strategy, buy out a partner, or sell an interest in your firm, or buy a firm – we can help.

Table Of Contents

Chapter 1

  • Introduction
  • Acquisition Strategies
  • Acquisition Analysis
  • Acquisition Plan
  • Buy-In, Buy-Out Strategy
  • Buy–In Question/Answers
  • Operating & Buy-Sell, Issues
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Merger Business Plan
  • Merger Issues
  • Smaller Firms Buying Larger

Chapter 2

  • Performance Evaluation Summary
  • Valuation Charts
  • Valuation Outline
  • Market Comparison Chart
  • Attributes that Add or Diminish Value

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

  • Compatibility Issues
  • Compatibility Analysis
  • First Meeting Itinerary/Interview
  • Merger/Acquisition Questionnaire
  • Characteristics of Buyers and Sellers
  • Buyer Profile
  • Confidentiality Agreement

Chapter 5

  • Economies of Scale Summary
  • Financing the Transaction
  • Owner’s Compensation and Add Backs
  • Information Required by Banks
  • Economies of Scale Summary
  • Acquisition Analysis
  • Payout Analysis
  • Combined Economies of Scale # 1
  • Combined Economies of Scale # 2
  • Monthly Projections, Small
  • Monthly Projections, Large
  • Term Sheet Financing Assets & Liabilities

Chapter 6

  • Letter of Intent Issues
  • Allocation of Purchase Price
  • Payments Based on Collections
  • LOI One Year Adjustment – Blank
  • LOI One Year Adjustment – Sample
  • LOI Payment Based on Collections

Chapter 7

  • Due Diligence List Small Firm
  • Due Diligence List Large Firm
  • Due Diligence In-depth Questionnaire
  • Technology Questionnaire
  • High Risk Clients – Questionnaire

Chapter 8

  • Summary of Legal Documents
  • Bill of Sale (Blank)
  • Covenant not to Compete (Blank)
  • Escrow Agreement (Sample)
  • Certificate Of Seller’s Officers (Blank)
  • Corporate Resolution (Blank)
  • Guaranty Agreement (Sample)
  • Sample Asset and Purchase Agreement with all Exhibits
  • (Special Supplement for Contracts, Call for Prices)
  • Asset and Purchase Agreements (APA)
    • Blank APA with Exhibits
    • APA for Certain Assets (Blank)
    • APA of SEC Clients (Sample)
    • Real Estate #1 (Sample)
    • Real Estate #2 (Sample)
  • Buy/Sell Agreement – No Equity
  • Partnership Agreement (Blank)
  • Operating Agreement for LLCs (Blank)
  • Operating Agreement (Sample)
  • Shareholders Agreement – Short (Blank)
  • Shareholders Agreement – Long (Sample)

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

  • Transition Items Checklist
  • Post Closing Items Checklist
  • Letters to Clients about Sale/Merger #1
  • Letters to Clients about Sale/Merger #2

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