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We’ve made it our mission to be THE SOURCE for CPAs who want to Grow, Buy, Sell, or Merge their Practice.

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We understand that many of you have questions regarding a transaction whether it is before, during or after the purchase of a tax and accounting practice. So we want to help. We don’t need to sign you up as a client, nor buy or list your CPA practice for sale. You can purchase whatever amount of our expertise and professional advice you require over the phone in order to answer your questions, get advice or consultation on specific matters.

How It Works    

YOU’LL GET 60-MINUES TO GET “THE ONE ANSWER” YOU’RE LOOKING FOR, Regarding Growing, Buying, Selling, or a Mergers of a CPA Practice.. Simply fill out the “FREE Strategy Session Form” or call us, email us your name and phone number (in strict confidence). 

IF After our 60-Minute Free Strategy Session You Have Not Received Answers to Your Questions, we’ll gladly write you a check for $497 for spending an hour with us.

How We Can Help

We can help you in ways, most “CPA Practice Brokers” CAN’T!… If you have questions or seeking for Proven Advice on Growing, Buying, Selling, Valuing, Negotiating and/or  Documentation – We can help.

All questions are answered by our Professional Consultants with 20 to 30 years of experience each.  Whether you are negotiating a $250,000 purchase or sale, or one for $250 million dollars, we can help. We are accountants, CPAs, financial consultants, MBAs, Certified Valuation Analysts (CVAs), and marketing professionals. Most importantly we are impartial experts with 20 years of experience with over 100 transactions with accounting, CPA, tax and EA sales.

Buying Consulting Time

If you require regular consultations throughout the completion of your transaction, you may retain our services on an hourly or monthly basis for a discounted lump-sum depending upon your needs.

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Exclusive Publications

margers-acquisitions-bookWe are the only consulting firm that has PUBLISHED A BOOK on the subject, “The Complete Guide to Successful Mergers and Acquisitions of CPA Firms”. This Guide documents every step of the process complete with financial analyses, compatibility and risk, legal contracts, and dozens of useful lists, forms and procedures for the merger or sale of CPA firms. But perhaps more valuable, are the many real life examples included that demonstrate how other firms have handled specific negotiations, financing, consulting agreements, and dozens of other issues that necessitate careful consideration and resolution.

Our CPAs, MBAs, and CVAs speak around the country for CPE credits on how to plan an Exit Strategy NOW in order to obtain the highest value for your practice once you are ready to sell. We also hold merger symposiums which demonstrate how a merger can create many of the opportunities that may not be within reach without partnering with another firm. Whether you are looking to implement a short or long-term exit strategy, buy out a partner, or sell an interest in your firm, or buy a firm – we can help.

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