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Benefits to the Smaller Firm

  • Relieves the smaller firm of many financial, administrative and human resource responsibilities
  • Provides access to technical and managerial support
  • Maintains existing book of business
  • Provides clients with additional services and resources resulting in increased billings
  • Growth of the firm is tied to larger firm, not limited by size of the smaller firm
  • Creates a built-in exit strategy upon retirement, death or disability

Benefits to the Larger Firm

  • Provides firm with a proven pool of talent
  • Access to a loyal client-base for cross-selling opportunities
  • Access to new markets and/or services
  • Increased cash flow and profitability
  • Economies of scale
  • No cash is required
  • Partner-level professional for exit strategy

Benefits to Both Merger Candidates

  • Mergers are easier and less expensive from a legal perspective
  • May be a tax-free transaction for both parties
  • Ability to attract larger or different clients
  • Larger firms attract superior staff
  • Enjoy more professional opportunities and resources
  • Increased profit for both parties due to economies of scale
  • No cash required by either party, except brokerage and/or legal fees
  • Built-in exit strategy
  • Quickest and least-expensive expansion strategy
CPA Firm Mergers

Mergers Solve Common Infrastructure Problems

  • Rainmakers– This limited resource is difficult to replace but essential in a market characterized by fierce competition for clients
  • Technicians– Whether entering a new market or expanding existing services, good technicians are always a valuable asset
  • Quality Control– Top firms are always looking to improve quality control and thereby their competitive edge.
  • Management & Administration– Many mid-size firms suffer from a lack of management and administrative infrastructure. Merging can provide a viable solution.
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