A Letter From Our Managing Partner

Welcome to Strategic Alliance CPA Consultants’ Featured Insights. As a leading consulting firm specializing in mergers & acquisitions in the accounting industry, we bring over 24 years of experience helping accountants and CPAs grow their practice through acquisitions, planning and executing their exit strategy, and managing their practice. We have seen a lot over the years and will share many of our insights here.

When I started Strategic Alliance CPA Consultants in 1997, I quickly learned that accountants and CPAs are perhaps the most wonderful people in the world to work with. I am often heard saying, “There are 2 types of people in this world: CPAs and everyone else,” and I truly believe that. This is why I have dedicated my career to working with CPAs and helping them overcome the challenges they face, helping them “Add a Zero” and grow their firm, as well as helping them “Get Out of their Practice Alive.”

We have a unique approach to documenting a practice to help potential buyers and sellers understand what makes a firm so special. Our documentation is unparalleled and is a big reason for our success. We always thoroughly vet a practice, document the practice’s strengths and weaknesses (including the staff and clients), and provide recommended solutions to improve their business. The process is time consuming and tedious, but it is what sets us apart from the competition. We always strive to connect like-minded practices whose compatibility will not only provide for a smoother transition but will also enable the new firm to retain clients and jumpstart its growth.

I am very proud of the company we have built and the many people we have helped over the years. Our team of CPAs and MBAs are strategic thinkers who always put the needs of our clients first. I invite you to follow us on social media to stay connected to our insights. You never know what you may learn.


Larry Wald

Managing Partner


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